The Beach House: Calatagan, Batangas Vacation Spot

It’s still February but I can feel summer already. Yet then again, as early as now, I know many people have already booked trips or are searching for the perfect summer getaway. Why not? With your Facebook’s newsfeed filled with promo fares from various airlines, you’d feel pressured to reserve seats at the most exciting destinations ahead of everyone. And of course, it’s summer; it’s everyone’s prerogative to go to the beach on summers. Paulo and I consider revisiting the places we’ve been to on our previous summer getaways. One of those was The Beach House at Calatagan, Batangas, which both of us consider as one of the most fun trips we’ve had with friends. It was not even a trip that required a lot of planning, not to mention that it was a cheap summer vacation getaway. I think it helped that there were a lot of us who joined the trip. Another truth is one can enjoy cheap vacations in the best beaches without really spending that much, especially if the destination is Batangas.


The Beach House, Calatagan, Batangas

The Beach House was actually just a two-storey house  situated in a small barrio in Batangas, and right across it was the white sand beach. We had the house by ourselves so we were basically free to do whatever we wanted: after all the kitchen had all the wares we needed for cooking and eating. Upstairs, the two rooms that shared a bathroom and a restroom were big enough to accommodate all fourteen of us. The terrace offered a perfect view of the ocean. The Beach House’s caretaker had also provided us with clean and comfortable mattresses so we can sleep on the terrace if we preferred.


Dona by the terrace.


Bamboo fences at The Beach House

The grounds of The Beach House were canopied with huge trees, perfect for Pao and the boys who barbecued the liempo. While the rest prepared our lunch, I went out and explored the area. The first few moments of reuniting with the sea always scared me. My encounters with Batangas beaches had always been just as side trips to climbs, like during my hike at Mts. Daguldol, Gulugod Baboy, Batulao, and Maculot, while Pao has never been scared of it, having spent most of his growing up years in Batangas.


The Beach House, Calatagan, Batangas

At nighttime, The Beach House was witness to our happy hours spent toasting s’mores by the bonfire. Mario even had an idea of setting up his tent by the beach but changed his mind when he realized that he did not bring the tent pegs appropriate for the sand. Beer and booze overflowed at the cottage within the confines of the bamboo fences of The Beach House. Pao and I didn’t participate in the games and chose to retire early.


S’mores & bonfire


Pao in The Beach House sala.

The next morning, Pao and I woke up early for a snapshot of what we always look forward to whenever we are on an out-of-town trip:


Good morning!

The sunrise at Calatagan, Batangas. While the others slept, Pao and I waited by the shore until the sun made its way above the seas, eventually spilling its beams on both of us.


The Beach House is a private vacation house ideal for group reservations. The kitchen is equipped with necessary wares, including gas and stove. Bedrooms are also furnished with pillows, mattresses, and beddings. Watch

The Beach House on Youtube.

Contact Marti Torno at 0916 716 6521 or for enquiries and reservations.

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